Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Where can I review technical details about my awning?
A: Click on the Manufacturer’s Logos below to see more details.


Q: What’s the difference between the awnings sold by Awning House and the ones sold at big box stores?
A: First of all; the price. You will pay less at a box store but you will get what you pay for. The quality of our awnings is second to none. All of our fabrics are high quality solution-dyed acrylic (10 year warranty) with heavy-duty aluminum frames and stainless steel hardware. The typical awning offered by retail outlets is constructed of light aluminum and steel, which will rust, and covered with polyester fabric which only lasts for a short time in the sun. Also, our awnings are custom made to fit your unique application. We offer a selection of awning models with many different features and they are all custom made to the inch. Box stores usually only offer a couple of sizes in a very basic model. Why settle for the hotdog of awnings when you can have filet mignon?


Q: Where are your Awnings Made?
A:We are proud to offer a selection of products that are all MADE IN CANADA.


Q: Is the fabric waterproof?
A: No, but it is water-repellent. That means that the fabric will not let water soak through freely, but it will get wet. After the storm has passed, it is best to let the awning dry out (2 to 3 hours after a full soaking) before retracting it. However, it is safe to roll up a wet awning for one or two nights, if bad weather persists.


Q: Can I use a retractable awning in a light rain?
A: Yes, provided that the awning has at least 15° slope (20° if the projection is more than 11′ 8″). Anything less will lead to water pooling on top of the fabric, therefore causing the fabric to become deformed.


Q: Should I roll up my awning during strong winds? And how strong is strong?
A: Yes, you should retract an awning during strong winds. As a rule of thumb, you know you should retract the awning when the wind is so strong that you do not feel comfortable being outside.


Q: What do I do if the fabric on my awning gets dirty?
A: Fabric gets dirty; it’s a fact of life. The material can be washed off easily. We recommend that you use mild cleaners and a soft brush. Don’t forget to let the fabric dry before retracting it. Click Here for Cleaning Instructions


Q: How long will my awning last?
A: All of our fabrics are warranteed for 10 years as are the frames in most applications, though they typically last much longer. Ask us for warranty details on units designed for special applications.


Q: What sizes of awnings are available?
A: Rollout Units can range in width from  6’2″ – 24′ or more and can project from 5’4″ – 13′. The fixed frame awnings are custom made to any dimension.


Q: Where can I view my fabric choices online?
Click here to view Rolltec Fabric Selection

Click here to view Sunbrella Fabric Selection